As of this autumn, a new law will affect all landlords and agents in Wales. As part of The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 the new law will mean that all private landlords who have a rental property in Wales will need to register themselves and the addresses of their rental properties. All managing landlords and agents will have to obtain a new type of licence. This new legislation will mean landlords and agents in Wales will be obliged to undertake training to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities.


The reason of this is to improve letting and management standards for people who rent private accommodation in Wales. It will ensure that all landlords and agents are aware of what is required when managing a property, as well as tenants’ understanding their rights and responsibilities. This new law will provide landlords and agents with regular updates on their duties to make tenancies run smoothly.

What will change as of this autumn?

  • All private landlords and agents will be legally required to register with Rent Smart Wales;
  • Landlords will have to register all their properties;
  • Landlords and agents will be obliged to undertake training ;
  • Whoever manages the property, whether a landlord or an appointed agent, must be licensed;
  • Once a part of Rent Smart Wales scheme, information must be kept up-to-date and comply with all requirements.

The Rent Smart Wales Scheme will begin in autumn and the registration process can be completed on-line as well as available in hard copy.

To register for updates on when the new law will come into place visit Rent Smart Wales.

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