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5 potentially surprising UK laws!

The law can seem a little strange at times, so we've been taking a look into some of the less-known and quirkier that exist. How many of these do you already know?
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UK law states it’s illegal to linger after a funeral 

Perhaps the saddest UK law is the fact you’re not allowed to linger after a funeral.
Even more sadly, it’s a law that has also been enforced. In 2015, Frank Blades wasn’t in any rush to leave the graveside of his wife. Frank stayed for an extra 20 minutes after the funeral and was punished by receiving a £160 fine. The fine was originally put in place to allow gravediggers to carry out their work.

Illegal to pay with your phone at a drive-through whilst your car is still running

This law dates back to the mobile phone laws from 2003 that outline when it’s illegal to touch a phone or a handset while driving. So, if you’re handling your phone while the engine is running, you’re technically using your phone while operating a car.

Sounding your horn through anger

Sounding a horn aggressively because you are annoyed or frustrated could land you with a fine of £50, with the possibility of it rising to £1,000 if you were to go to court, contest it and lose. You may still face this fine, even if a pedestrian or driver acts dangerously or is at fault in some way. It’s also against the law to sound a horn whilst the vehicle is stationary or while in a built-up area between 11.30 pm and 7.00 am.

It is illegal to gamble in a library.

The Library Offenses Act of 1898 makes it illegal to gamble in a library.
The law also prohibits abusive or obscene language.
This would mean that online gambling at a library would be against the law, even if you’re using your own laptop.

It’s illegal to handle salmon in suspicious circumstances.

This is a recent law, which is definitely a strange one. But under the Salmon Act of 1986, it is an offence to receive or dispose of salmon under suspicious circumstances. Officers have a right to investigate if they reasonable believe that the salmon has been illegally fished.

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