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Dispute Solicitors Swansea

Experiencing a dispute? Our experienced team are in your corner.

What sort of dispute
do you need help with?

What sort of dispute do you need help with?

Are you struggling with a dispute involving another business, a business partner, company or an individual? Our specialist team can offer confidential advice and guidance across a range of areas, with the aim of always seeking the best results for you, the client, in the most cost effective way.

Boundary disputes usually arise when one person asserts ownership over a piece of land, which is owned by their neighbour.  


Have you had an issue with any building work in the past? Or maybe it’s an ongoing dispute? Unfortunately, no matter how well a project is run, disputes can still arise.


Disputes can arise with your neighbours for many reasons and it’s often hard to know what to do to resolve the issue – dealing with them can be a delicate matter. 


If you are bringing, or defending, a claim through the Small Claims Court, contact us to find out how PGM Solicitors in Swansea can help you.