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Our team has a proven track record in recovering debt for businesses like yours.

Running a business is not always easy. There can be too much red tape and admin, and not enough time to actually do the work. This is often made worse by customers who are reluctant or slow payers.

Such customers are not only frustrating but can cause problems with cash flow and be an unnecessary drain on your time, stopping you working for other customers who will pay their invoices on time.

Your difficulties are compounded by the fact that in small claims cases, you are not usually able to recover your legal costs. In some cases this can mean that most, or even all, of any damages you are awarded go straight to pay your solicitor. You win your case, but are no better off.

It may come as a surprise to you that the court sets the small claims limit at £10,000. That is not small to most people. 

Let us chase the debt for you and free up your time to enable you to do what you do best: run your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

This is the process by which unpaid invoices and debts are recovered through a formal court process. Our debt recovery solicitors can guide you through this process and help you with whatever you need.

The first step is to contact a solicitor and have them send the debtor a formal letter requesting that the money is repaid immediately (or within a reasonable timeframe) with legal action being taken if payment is not received. You can decide on a date with your solicitor as to when legal proceedings should begin in the case that you do not receive the payment, and the letter must specify this. You can choose to send the letter yourself, but it is likely to be taken more seriously if it is sent by your solicitor.

Yes! To help you manage such claims, we at PGM have introduced a scheme of fixed fees in small claims cases. The fee scale is linked to the value of the claim, this means that you know your potential legal costs before you start the case and will never be left in a position where you leave with nothing, even if you win the case.

No. In cases dealing with uncontested debt recovery claims, the courts will not require you to attend the hearing, except in highly exceptional cases. If you choose to issue court proceedings after receiving our advice, the process will be handled in its entirety by our experienced team on your behalf.

Ideally you will have a written and signed contract. But you may have other documentary evidence. You will also want evidence that you fulfilled your side of the bargain (e.g. a signed delivery note). It will be helpful if there is clear evidence that you made the customer aware of your terms and conditions before the contract was agreed.

Ensure, also, that you keep copies of any correspondence you send while chasing the debt or attempting to negotiate a compromise.

Discuss the quality of your evidence with your solicitor before taking court action, particularly if there is a dispute over the debt.

Your contract may specify a credit period and how interest will be charged on overdue payments. In addition, commercial debts are covered by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Where there are no written terms of credit, this allows interest to be charged at a set rate which is the Bank of England base rate plus 8% from the end of a notional 30 day credit period. 

In practice, however, few firms ask for payment of interest (or debt recovery costs) under the legislation unless the dispute has reached the courts. If you do intend to charge interest and collection costs on overdue debts, your best course is to make this clear, in writing – in your terms and conditions, quotations, acknowledgments, invoices and so on.

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“I was very impressed with the service I received from Mike Green – he couldn’t have been more helpful. Many thanks.”

“I wish to thank you for all the help you have given me in this matter and it was just unfortunate that we didn’t know of you sooner as I’m sure my wife would have had a much more favourable outcome. Should I ever hear of someone needing a feisty solicitor with a genuine sense of justice I will have no hesitation in recommending you for the role. 

Huw J

“I can think of no comments or suggestions that could improve an already existing highly efficient service. I found it totally excellent in every way and have every confidence in this company.”

Muriel P

“I was very impressed by the sympathetic way in which my case was handled, the competitive rates of payment and the care and attention that was afforded me – an excellent service which I have already praised to family and friends.”


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