It is important to make a Will, no matter how old you are. You are ensuring that the people you want to benefit from your estate will inherit it.

About a third of people in the UK have made no provision at all for old age, whether through writing a will, contributing to a pension or creating a lasting power of attorney. This is quite worrying.

If you die without making a Will the Intestacy Rules determine who inherits your estate.  Contrary to popular belief, a spouse/civil partner does not necessarily inherit the whole of the other spouse’s/civil partner’s estate under the Intestacy Rules.  Where there are surviving children a spouse/civil partner only has the first £250,000 of the estate, all of the personal possessions and half the balance.  The other half is then divided equally between the surviving children.

Fees & peace of mind

During these difficult times we offer a fixed price Will service making it even more accessible for all and ensuring that peace of mind can be sought in planning ahead for your loved ones.

A single basic Will is £200 plus VAT
Two “mirror” basic Wills are priced at a fee of £350 plus VAT

Also rest assured that we are still able to review, draft and complete the Will writing process remotely. If you would like to create or amend a Will you are more than welcome to contact the office on 01792 468684, or you can complete our online Will Instruction form which can be found here:

A member of the Wills Team will be more than happy to discuss your needs with you.

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