a Will

It is important to make a Will, no matter how old you are. If you die without making a Will the Intestacy Rules determine who inherits your estate.

Contrary to popular belief, a spouse/civil partner does not necessarily inherit the whole of the other spouse’s/civil partner’s estate under the Intestacy Rules. Where there are surviving children a spouse/civil partner only has the first £250,000 of the estate, all of the personal possessions and half the balance. The other half is then divided equally between the surviving children. This may mean that your spouse/civil partner does not inherit the whole of your home.

By making a Will you are ensuring that the people you want to benefit from your estate will inherit it.
You must have the mental capacity to make a Will so don’t make the mistake of thinking it can be left until you are on your deathbed; it may be too late then.


We offer a fixed price Will service.

A single basic Will is £300 plus VAT and two “mirror” basic Wills are priced at a discounted fee of £500 plus VAT.

If you’d like more information on the process of making a Will view our full guide below.

Guide to Making a Will

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