For many people, particularly the elderly, it makes sense to consider what may happen to a beloved pet in the event of their death, however, it is still estimated that thousands of pet owners in the UK die each year without making arrangements for their pets in their Wills.

By making provision for your pets in your Will you will have the opportunity to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event of your death and that your beloved pets are properly looked after.

How do I ensure that my pets will be looked after when I’m gone?

To ensure that your pets are not left without care, your Will should include a clause passing care of your pets to the person most suitable to looking after them when you are gone.

Not everyone is willing or able to look after a pet and, therefore, it is a good idea to discuss the matter with the person you would like to take care of your pets before you make your Will.

What if I do not have any family or friends who would be prepared to look after my pets?

Sadly, not everyone will have a friend of family member able to take on the responsibility of a pet. However, there are other options – the RSPCA provide a free service called “Home for Life”. The Home for Life scheme means that, in the event of your death, the RSPCA will care for your pets, then do all they can to find them a happy home and someone special to look after them. You can find more information on signing up to this scheme here.

What if I don’t make provision for my pets in my Will?

The law treats pets as property. Unfortunately, if you don’t make provision for your pets in your Will then you run the risk that your pets will be left unwanted, uncared for or even homeless.

What about the cost of looking after my pets when I am gone?

Caring for a pet can be a financial burden and it is a good idea to leave in your Will to the person whom you would like to look after your pet in the event of your death a sum of money to cover the cost of caring for your pet.

It is worth noting that anything you leave to a registered charity, such as the RSPCA, is paid free of Inheritance Tax. The RSPCA, like many charities, relies heavily on bequests made in Wills.

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