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A financial settlement in divorce is an agreement between both parties on how to split all relevant assets, including things like property, savings, investments and pensions. If there are children involved, it could also set out the details of child maintenance payments going forward.
We understand that making the decision to see a divorce solicitor can be pretty nerve-wracking, but you’ve made that first step! From your first meeting with us, you want to walk away feeling informed, with knowledge of your options and a plan for moving forward.
Coming to the decision that your marriage has come to an end is not an easy time. There is heightened emotion and you will also be faced with the difficulties surrounding practicalities of the divorce procedure itself and the financial implications of the separation.
Coming to the decision that your marriage/civil partnership has come to an end is not an easy time. However, when there are children involved, it can make the process even more difficult – particularly if a parent is so overwhelmed with the emotions of the process that they don’t tend to their children’s needs.
The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 (which will be implemented in Autumn 2021) will now allow couples, for the very first time, to apply for a divorce order by stating that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.
Christmas has been and gone – a time where we should all have been full of cheer and John Lewis style love and warmth. However, for a lot of people the festive period was anticipated with dread.