For some, the prospect of being quarantined with their partner will be a welcome opportunity to spend time together, yet for others, it may force tensions in their relationship to rise to the surface. Therefore, many couples could be very likely facing the reality of a relationship breakdown in due course.

Are you already facing difficulties in your relationship?

If your relationship is already strained, then the new measures of isolation and social distancing we have in place to minimise the spread of COVID-19, could well bring your current relationship issues to the forefront.

Whilst it is very important to communicate with one another about any problems you are having, try to find some space in any way possible. This is of course more difficult at the moment, so getting out in the garden, spending time in different rooms or working on a hobby is likely to help give you a much needed break from one another.

Can I still get advice about a divorce or separation while we are in lockdown?

Yes, you can. Our specialist family team are working remotely to enable us to continue providing our clients with the best possible service. We are contactable as always by email and telephone during normal office hours and can arrange video calling where necessary. We can also still provide you with our free, no obligation 30 minute initial consultation.

Can I start divorce proceedings now?

Yes, you can. It’s also important to note that no one makes the best decisions when under stress due to the current way of living we are experiencing at the moment. We can of course advise you about the range of options available to you and the timescales involved. COVID-19 is likely to have an impact on court timescales in view of staff absences, and whether you decide to start divorce proceedings now or in the future it is possible that there will be a delay.

What about the financial aspect?

You can certainly look at the arrangements for your finances now. It is worth noting, however, that in cases where the finances are complex, parties often need to appoint third-party experts to carry out valuations of assets, for example properties and companies. In light of the lockdown, parties will find it increasingly difficult to appoint experts to carry out these valuations.

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