As we move into the new era of “no fault divorce” following its introduction on 06 April 2022 more people will consider applying on-line themselves.

Without specialist legal advice you can get things very wrong and this can delay matters and or increase costs you may not know about it until you are years down the line. Divorces are a permanent process and it can be difficult and highly costly to undo any mistakes that are made.

It is important to consider how your position changes when you get divorced and how this change needs to be managed. On divorcing, a number of rights afforded to you as a married person cease to apply. For example, one of the pitfalls to be aware of relates to the position on Pensions. Once the final order has been made you will no longer be entitled to any of your spouse’s pension on death, so if your spouse were to die after the grant of the final order but before any financial settlement had been approved by the court then you could lose a valuable asset.

It is understandable why avoiding solicitors and their fees can be an attractive proposition, but what you cannot get from acting in person, nor from looking online, is the specialist, bespoke legal advice guiding you on how being divorced will affect you, what your legal rights are and what else needs to happen in light of your divorce proceedings to provide for and protect you into the future.

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