Boundary disputes usually arise when one person asserts ownership over a piece of land, which is owned by their neighbour. 

These arguments can easily spill over into a legal dispute, and resolution can be a costly process. 


Disputes surrounding the position of a boundary with a neighbour come in many forms and have many different causes but they can too often become bitter, expensive and time-consuming. 

With people spending more at home than ever before, DIY projects are in full swing as people seek ways to keep themselves occupied. Unfortunately, when it comes property boundaries and pruning hedges, neighbour niggles can still occur.

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Boundary disputes can be a long and costly process and can have a detrimental effect on the value of either neighbour’s property. Therefore, parties to a boundary dispute should look to reach an early settlement with their neighbour as the stigma attached to land which is the subject of a boundary dispute can be severe.

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