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On occasion, even the most expensive consumer goods can go wrong. When it does, not only do you face the obvious disappointment when your new object of desire does not come up to expectation, you also potentially suffer a significant financial loss.
Disputes can often arise regarding the position of the legal boundary between neighbouring properties. While a boundary often appears to be demarcated by a physical feature such as a fence or hedge; a legal boundary is in effect a two-dimensional line which separates two properties.
Neighbour disputes can arise for many reasons and it’s often hard to know what to do to resolve the issue – dealing with them can be a delicate matter. 
Unfortunately, no matter how well a project is run, building disputes can still arise. Have you had an issue with any building work in the past?
Potholes are much more than just a minor annoyance. They can cause serious damage and increase the risk of accidents for road users. Pothole damage claims can be complex, which is why it’s always wise to seek advice from a solicitor.
Boundary disputes usually arise when one person asserts ownership over a piece of land, which is owned by their neighbour. These arguments can easily spill over into a legal dispute and resolution can be a costly process.
A business dispute can be a disagreement between two businesses over the terms and/or performance of an agreement, which could have been made either in writing or verbally. As set out in the remainder of this blog, business disputes are not always contractual.
From corporate disputes, to contractual and shareholder disputes. Our specialist team can advise on resolution methods such as commercial litigation and mediation to resolve your business dispute.
The death of a loved one is always a difficult time. The situation can unfortunately be made even more stressful if it is discovered that the deceased’s last Will is not as family members and friends may have expected, particularly if it is felt that the Will does not reflect the deceased’s true wishes as they had previously expressed them.
The purpose of a care home is to provide care and assistance for those who find it difficult to care for themselves. Unfortunately, in some cases, the care provided can fall below an acceptable standard. If neglect or abuse is suspected, concerns should be raised with the care provider immediately.