Following on from our last blog re boundary disputes, our latest insight highlights the other common problem areas you may find yourself in with the neighbour next door.

With over a year of lockdown behind us and more people working/spending time at home, tensions understandably are higher.

Aside from boundary disputes, the other common problem areas are:

  1. Noise/nuisance
  2. Pets
  3. Shared driveways
  4. Trepassing
  5. Trees and hedges

Disputes can arise with your neighbours for many reasons and it’s often hard to know what to do to resolve the issue – dealing with them can be a delicate matter.

Where possible we encourage clients to resolve disputes with neighbours by way of negotiation or mediation in order to keep tension at a minimum (you will likely remain neighbours after all is resolved).

Firstly, try talking to your neighbour about the problem. approach them in a friendly way and see if you can reach an agreement on the trouble they are causing you. If you are worried about how your neighbour might react, you could write them a letter instead. Again, try to take a reasonably friendly approach.

If the problem persists and you plan to take your neighbour to court, you should seek legal advice for further guidance on whether it would be worth it and what you should do to prepare if so. Sometimes a letter from a solicitor threatening legal action may be enough to get your neighbour to resolve the problem, without you having to actually go to court.

Contact us for further guidance on any dispute you maybe experiencing with a neighbour and our specialist team will guide you through the best course of action to take. Call 01792 468684 or email



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