If you are bringing, or defending, a claim through the Small Claims Court, contact us to find out how PGM Solicitors in Swansea can help you.

Life is full of problems. It could be building work done badly or a new car that seems to be breaking down regularly. In any event, you need the help of the Court to sort it out. Your difficulties are compounded by the fact that in small claims cases, you are not usually able to recover your legal costs. In some cases this can mean that most, or even all, of any damages you are awarded go straight to pay your solicitor. You win your case, but are no better off.
PGM  Solicitors Small Claims
It may come as a surprise to you that the Court sets the small claims limit at £10,000. That is not small to most people. To help you manage such claims, we at PGM have introduced a scheme of fixed fees in small claims cases. The fee scale is linked to the value of the claim. This means that you know your potential legal costs before you start the case and will never be left in a position where you leave with nothing even if you win the case.

Fee Scale:


Value of Claim Fee Payable
Up to £2,000 £750.00
£2,001 – £3,000 £1,000.00
£3,001 – £5,000 £1,750.00
£5,001 – £7,500 £2,500.00
£7,501 – £10,000 £3,000.00

NB. All fees are plus VAT and disbursement

If the matter goes to a contested trial, the trial will be conducted by a barrister based near the Court at which the trial will take place. Barrister’s fees are negotiated individually and are a disbursement.

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