During the lockdown period, thousands of people took the opportunity to repair and upgrade their homes. Often, tradespeople were employed to carry out these works. However, what happens if you engage the services of a seemingly reputable tradesman and things do not turn out as you would have expected? Maybe they have performed work that is sub-standard, overcharged and underperformed? Promised so much, yet delivered so little?

It is at times like this that the advice of a Solicitor who is experienced in this type of dispute can prove invaluable.

These are our top tips when seeking to engage with a tradesperson:

  1. Do your research – ask friends, relatives for recommendations.
  2. Ask to see examples of their work (contact the people yourself if possible).
  3. Check to see if they are members of a recognised Trade Body.
  4. Agree in WRITING exactly what it is you want, and how much is to be paid.
  5. NEVER pay upfront – a reputable trader should have trade accounts. If not, that should act as a warning sign.
  6. AVOID paying in cash wherever possible (Get a signed receipt for each transaction).
  7. Keep copies of all correspondence/email/texts etc between you.

If you have a dispute with a trader it is vital that you act swiftly. For a FREE and confidential discussion please call us on 01792 468684 or email enquiries@pgmsolicitors.co.uk.


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