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Key changes to employment law in 2022

National Minimum Wage The National Minimum Wage will increase on 6 April 2022. The new pay rates will be as follows: National living wage (age 23 or over): £9.50 per hour Age 21 to 22: £9.18 per hour Age 18 to 20: £6.83 per hour Age 16 to 17: £4.81 per hour Apprentice...

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Too young to make a Will?

In your twenties or even thirties, making a Will isn’t always a top priority. Many claim they’re too young, they don’t own enough, they don’t have any children yet or they can’t afford it!  Furthermore, with the life expectancy of the average person in the UK at an...

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The pitfalls of DIY Divorce

The term ‘DIY Divorce’ refers to a divorce or dissolution that takes place with little or no legal assistance, often online. This means that the various stages of your divorce are handled by you personally, rather than by a solicitor. Without specialist legal advice...

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BYOD (Bring your Own Device)

With businesses adapting to the ubiquitous nature of technology and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, a potential solution for many is allowing employees to use their own personal mobile devices in the to carry out their work. As well as providing a seamless...

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Sick pay, isolation & eligibility

Managing sickness absence effectively in your workplace can have a positive impact on your business – resulting in increased efficiency, improved performance, motivated employees, reduced management workload, and reduced costs. It has been increasingly more difficult...

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